July 6th – Interview with music group Aradhna

In Show Posts on July 6, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Check out our show for an exciting interview with Chris and Peter of the devotional music group Aradhna. You can stream it online from 8pm to 10pm from or check out the mp3 later here.

Aradhna entered the world of East Indian fusion music in 2000 with their debut album Deep Jale′ (Light the Lamp). Since then they have been performing their unique blend of Hindi vocal, sitar, guitar, tabla, bass and violin for audiences all over the world. Drawing their inspiration from the devotional Yeshu bhakti movements of North India, Aradhna concerts are loved as much for their spiritual focus as they are for the music itself. Their songs are filled with the spontaneous energy of Indian classical improvisation, yet many are also quiet and reflective, colored with the tonal variety of four distinctive string instruments. Aradhna vocalist and sitarist, Chris Hale, lived much of his life in South Asia and speaks Nepali and Hindi fluently. Guitarist and co-founder of the group, Peter Hicks, was born in India, but acquired most of his musical

experience in North America. Though Aradhna began as a duo, they now perform regularly with Travis McAfee on electric upright bass. Concerts also feature Hindustani style violin, performed by Fiona Hicks, a disciple of Kala Ramnath. In addition, a growing network of tabla players around the world has enabled Aradhna to include this essential instrument in every concert. Aradhna has recorded three albums, Deep Jale (2000), Marga Darshan (2002) and Satsang (2004), and will soon begin studio production of a fourth. Meanwhile they are continuing a touring schedule that has led them, throughout their five years as a band, from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada, to Great Britain, India, Holland, Portugal, South Africa, Guyana and Suriname.


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