June 22nd – Hush Supper club and Umer Piracha

In Show Posts on June 23, 2010 at 9:47 pm

The underground DC vegetarian Indian Supper Club, HUSH, started by Geeta: I am a lover of my mother’s kitchen.  She should be the chef and restauranteuse.  Scores of guests graced by the generosity of her spice box have implored her to cater, package or market her meals.  She will have none of it.  Food is to be made fresh, at home, and eaten together.  Agreed.  So, in honor of her talents and teachings, I have started HUSH.

Umer Piracha is a Singer-Songwriter, Composer and Guitarist raised in Multan, Pakistan. His improvisation-heavy music seeks to passionately address contemporary consciousness and spirituality, and through a variety of inspirations bring a sense of ‘the other’ to Pakistan, as he adheres to the intellectual movement of the oneness of humanity wherein differences due to nationalities and religions become completely unimportant in the face of unconditional universal love. Umer lives in Philadelphia and his debut album titled ‘The Depths’ comes out towards the end of 2010.


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