NaanSense Radio on “Pause” Indefinitely….

In Show Posts on May 26, 2009 at 6:52 pm

After it’s debut show on July 1st, 2007 and after 39 episodes…NaanSense Radio is currently on “pause” and will hopefully be resurrected once I return from India!

Check out this article about us in The Public Asian.

Special thanks to all of the co-hosts (even if you were just on for 5 minutes)- Nikhil Tilwalli, Wasim Rahman, Jay Subramaniam, Neha Singhal, Deesha Mago, Slava Kupersetin, Brandon Nero, Ramya Punnoose, Christian Melendez.

NaanSense Radio has featured interviews with:


  • Raghav – international pop sensation
  • The Bilz/Kashif – Canadian pop stars
  • Rudresh Mahanthappa – jazz artist
  • Niraj Chag – UK fusion artist
  • Vishal Kanwar – local musician and activist
  • Gaurav Venkateswar – local musician
  • Aakash Mittal – jazz musician
  • Gauri Gill – photographer
  • Kavitha Rajagopalan – author, Muslims of Metropolis
  • Valerie Kaur – producer, Divided We Fall
  • Andrew Mendelson – sitar player, documentary
  • Mohit Chauhan – singer (Silk Route, AR Rahman songs)
  • Kiran Ahluwalia – singer
  • Vijay Iyer – jazz muscian
  • Anup Sugunan – actor, writer, producer
  • Prasanna, Carnatic electric guitarist
  • Bageshree Vaze – Indo Canadaian dancer and composer
  • Fatima Shah –DC production co-coordinator of Royal Kill


  • Navdeep Kathuria – Editor in Chief, ABCDLady magazine
  • Manil Suri – author Death of Vishnu, Age of Shiva
  • Vikas Swarup – author Q&A (Slumdog Millionaire)
  • Sandeep Sood – lead writer
  • Monica Bhide – acclaimed food writer
  • Karan Mahajan – author of Family Planning

Cool People Doing Cool Things aka Activists

  • Nipun Mehta –
  • Dr. Sanjayan – conservationist
  • Dhru Purohit –
  • Rahul Brown –
  • Tejas Patel – calling from Iraq
  • Tip Fallon – founder, I Got Heart
  • Shahid Bhuttar – community activist
  • Sunaina Maira – professor
  • Pulin Modi – street team, PETA
  • Ashish Kothari – environmental activist & professor

People in Politics

  • Ashwin Madia – candidate for MN Congress
  • Hrishi Karthikeyan – founder, South Asians for Obama
  • Suresh Kumar – South Asians for McCain

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