NaanSense Radio – first post!

In Show Posts on June 24, 2008 at 4:55 am


Your weekly dose of South Asian food for thought! Join me for a weekly radio show featuring music, news, trivia, and events with a South Asian flavor!

Join us on Tuesdys from 8am to 10am by:
– Listening to 88.1FM if you are in College park
– Listening to us streaming online at
– Download the show mp3 from and listen to it at a more reasonable hour!

July 1st is the first show – please tune in on the radio or online if you can! Also, please send me a message if you would like to co-host!

What we need from you, our dearest friends:
– Ideas for what you would like to hear on the radio
– Songs that you would like to hear
– Tips on local events, musicians, etc.
– Suggestions of all kinds! I’ve never done radio before so…

Thanks for your support!

  1. good luck!

    is there a segment where people can call in and win stuff…?

  2. sorry i forgot to request a song this week… there’s a tropical storm in houston right now. cool picture up top though.

  3. Word, def something to listen to while getting my studying on here.



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